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熊大庄 (Teddy Bear Village)

I went on a field trip last month and I didn’t expect we went to this Teddy Bear Village~
Fortunately, I wore good clothes 😂😂


All my seniors and my friends told me that my style was SWAG and they told me to wore it everyday .-.
But I said no, thanks.

So I’ll share the Teddy Bear Village pics with you guys


Super big teddy bear 😋😋 I wish I could have it lol

That building behind me is a restaurant
It does have cafe too but I didn’t get any time to go there (pity me)



Such a cutie isn’t it?


They sell TED teddy bears but it’s too expensive so I didn’t buy it
However, I bought other things


I bought those two for around 500ntd they sell a lot of things but I only bought those two
I collected stamps too! But I realised it when we’re going to left this place so I only got 3 from 6


Next time I will come here again~ for completing my stamps

Lastly, I would say thank you and I love you guys for reading my blog 😍😘



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