Flashback Memories

Yesterday I was searhing through all my cupboard and guess what I’d found?
My drawing. Haha. But it’s so old. Maybe it was 7 or 8 years ago.


My favourite Disney Princess Belle 😍😍


These were the others Disney Princesses
From the left was Snow White, Ariel, Aurora and Belle again :):)


This is Cinderella and her Prince.

I remembered I’d ever drew Mulan but I don’t where is it.
When I was a lil kiddo I love drawing and I ever took a drawing course til I was P5.
I love to draw anything but especially clothes and Princess. But what my drawing course teacher would never taught that, so I quit drawing course since then and I draw myself. Without a tutor.
Back then I was addicted with anime, manga.



So I drew lolita fashion. Kind of gothic like that. Haha.
This is 2013 drawing


I’ve the other but I won’t post it here 🙂

And this is always be my favourite although it’s not the same


My favourite football player. Fernando Torres. 😍😍



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