Rehabilitation Institution

Last month I went to Rehabilitation Place. Where there are people that stuck or addicted with drugs such as opium, heroin, etc. What is your imagine when you heard that place? Is it terrifying? Are the people there act so bad? How if I got an injured there? If that’s you’re thinking, you have the same thought with me. But, that’s all wrong. In spite of I was crying there (because of shock!). On the way there, my mind is struggling itself. And the result is I’m terrifying myself.

The place is such a great place. It has a church there. Eventhough some of the people are bad, they are cooperative.

We did some game and from there I got to knew them. And they aren’t dangerous like what I thought. And I got a chance to talking with a lecturer of National University in my city. And her English was so excellent. She’s really incredible and from her I learnt that not all drugs user are dangerous. I’m sorry that the pictures and video are lost so I can’t post it here. I’ll try to find it later and edit this post.

So if you’d ever thought that all the drugs addicted are dangerous, you should think twice. 🙂



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