An Astonishing Meaning Between C and I

I’m in predicament just because of CGI and CUI. I’m dizzy about it and I search Google. But what? I didn’t type CGI nor CUI. But I typed for CSI. Because I was in a rush, I scrolled it down extremely fast and I didn’t found what I want. And I was began thinking, is it possible our examination about CSI.
After that I ask my friend what’s going to be our exam. And he said CGI. Not CSI. So after typed the correct one, I found it. CGI for Common Gateway Interface and CUI for Common User Interface. And guess what? I found a new thing! It’s CLI. It’s really making me wince. I really never heard it before. So I’m in front of my phone surfing for it.
Apparently, CLI is Command Line Interface which use in PHP for creating standalone applications.

Hoaahm, it’s really stressed me out yesterday. But luckily I can face my exam today! 😆😆

It’s not useless wasting my time for that, because I got a new thing to learn and know again 😆😆

Life is for study ‘rite?



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