Inauguration Party

Hi buddies! Are you doing great there?

Did you ever attending an inauguration party? I did.
Inauguration in my school is usually for 3rd senior high students. It’s include me. So I got to feel how is it. 🙂
Usually there, every classes shall perform something. We ourselves perform dancing and singing.
The audiences are 3rd senior high students and their family, teachers and alumnies.


This is my class member. Our outfit theme were babydoll for girls and casual workers outfit for the boys.

We also did the whole class decoration.  Although our class had so many problem (same as the song we danced), I still proud with them and truthfully, from the decoration moment though, we became closer to each other. And we won the best class dècoration.


Me doing the props

I really missed the time when we prepare this a lot. It kinda have a special excitement and feelings for me. I knew that we can’t back to that time because we’re gonna confront the final test and we will separate one another. But friendship still goes on right?

Hope you guys enjoy your teenage life as I am. 😆😆 Good luck!



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