Yeaay this is my besties
We associate for almost 5 years.
This 26th February will be our 5th anni ersary 😄😄 hey ho!
Lemme tell you, the left one is Gracia. Beside her is Desy. And beside me is Tiffany. Know where is me rite? Haha
That’s why we form a Quartet Besties called


I thought that all of our church people knew us. From the eldest till youngest. Because we’re unseparatable. Wherever we go, always 4 people. Or with the other friends but still have 4 of us.
But exactly, i knew them (except Desy) from my childhood. Tiffany from I was 1th (I dunno if I can talk or no haha), and Gracia when I was primary 3 when she and her fam move to my city.
This is our latest picture

Taken at last year Christmas Eve

I hope that we can always together until we old. Because our university will be in a different city or maybe country. So I really hope it.

O, who do you think is the youngest from us? Please answer me :):). Thankyou for reading my post. 😘😘



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